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Planning a kitchen renovation can be an exciting but tedious process. There are so many different things to think about and plan, and it might become overwhelming at times. However, checking these few steps off your list will ensure that you achieve the look that your dream kitchen deserves.

Your Lifestyle

When planning your kitchen, it is extremely important to take into account your individual lifestyle and unique taste. For example, if you have more of a minimalist lifestyle, you may want to look into space-saving storage, foldaway countertops, or a mobile island. These choices would allow your kitchen area to appear more open and simple when everything is stowed away. If you are constantly hosting a large family or group of friends, you may want to plan for a large counter space and kitchen island. You also might want to double up on certain kitchen appliances or essentials, like having a double oven, two sinks, or an extra-large fridge. These personalized touches will help your kitchen to fit your lifestyle.

Your Color Palette

There are lots of different color palettes that you can choose from when designing your renovated kitchen. Often neutrals like white, cream, light beige, and light grey are popular in kitchen spaces since they will reflect the natural light that will come in from outside and make your kitchen a bright, airy place to work. Adding another color to these neutrals can you’re your kitchen a nice finish. For example, using a pastel blue can give your kitchen calm beachy vibes while an olive green color pairs well with wood elements and gives the area a fresh, natural nature feel. However, there are also many other color palettes that look beautiful in a kitchen space. The color palette that you choose should not only match your house, but also your personal taste.

Your Furniture

You should choose your kitchen area furniture based on the functionality of each piece since the kitchen is an area that will be used very often. Make sure that you choose furniture pieces that will work for the needs of your kitchen. For example, if you’re planning on hosting big groups of people, you may want to look into some barstool seating at your kitchen island in addition to your dining table. Make sure that you not only consider your kitchen’s needs and the size of the area that you have but also the materials that your furniture is made out of. For example, wood furniture requires specific care, depending on the type of wood and what the furniture is used for. All of these different elements should help you to narrow down your options and figure out what kind of furniture is perfect for your kitchen.

The Lighting

Lighting is obviously an important feature of a working kitchen. When there isn’t sufficient natural light outside to light your countertops or working spaces, you want to make sure that your lighting is located and designed to illuminate your entire kitchen space. Canned lights or other types of mounted lighting are popular for providing spread, even lighting across the board. You may want additional spotlight lighting on certain spots such as above your stove or sink to help with food prep. Stylish chandeliers or pendant lights can add a fun statement above your dining table as well as your kitchen island. Since you’ll usually use your island as an area for preparing and serving meals, don’t forget to add a bit of fun lighting in addition to the mounted lighting above. There are many different choices of lighting that you can implement in your kitchen, so research and experiment so you can find the best options for your space.


Choosing a kitchen countertop material is a decision that could take some time. Your kitchen countertop can affect the overall kitchen aesthetic and functionality a lot. It can also be pretty expensive. There are lots of materials used for kitchen countertops like laminate, ceramic tile, granite slab, granite tile, modular granite, soapstone, slate, quartz, marble slabs, or even wood.  In 2020, lots of homeowners started doing DIY concrete countertops. While this idea can take some time, effort, and elbow grease, it is relatively cheap compared to buying a marble countertop slab or other options. The result is a trendy, neutral countertop that can tie together the different tones in your color pallet.


It is so important to think about storage as you’re designing your kitchen. You’ll want to make sure that you have sufficient shelving and drawers to store all of your kitchen appliances, dishes, and utensils. Recently, drawers have become more of a popular storage choice. Many people opt for deep pull-out drawers to store their pots and pans rather than stacking them on a shelf. This provides safe storage and easy access. Open shelving is a modern and stylish option for storing special dishes such as heirloom, vintage, or luxury pieces. Floating wood shelves function similarly, but of late have become spaces to decorate, adding touches of greenery or textured pieces to the kitchen area.

Kitchen Appliances

Choosing and designing kitchen appliances is essential when planning your kitchen renovation. It is important to plan for the space that each appliance will need to be effective. For example, you will want sufficient space by the oven so that it can open and close easily. You’ll want your sink and dishwasher to be placed close enough together so that it is easy to do dishes. You’ll want an easy access space for a garbage bin, whether it has a hidden cabin location or is stowed in your pantry. For good cooking access, your fridge should also have enough room to open fully. Your microwave should also be at a convenient height so all members of your family can access it. By taking the time to plan out the location of your appliances, you’re ensuring that your time spent in the kitchen will be more effective and enjoyable.


Adding decorations to your kitchen can be such a nice finishing touch. However, since you’ll need most of your counter to prepare food and most of your shelving space to store kitchen appliances or dishes, you won’t want to go overboard on decorations. Often, a nice centerpiece with greenery or a decorative bowl on your island is sufficient. Nice wall-hanging decorations can go a long way in a kitchen space. Using quotes, paintings, or photos can personalize your kitchen and give it a homey feel.


When you decide to start your kitchen renovation, remember to consider each of these elements, as they all go into making your dream kitchen come true. Taking the time to design and plan your kitchen aesthetic will leave you with a satisfying result. Now, go get started on transforming your space and bringing your design to life!


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