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    RJ Construction began in 1989 as a locally-owned company in Marion, Iowa. We started by providing top quality construction with unmatched customer service, and we continued to grow, branching out to include solar panel installation and serve 17+ cities. What has always separated us from the competition is our respect and admiration for our clients. Today, our core belief is that in order to have a successful customer-contractor relationship, it is imperative to have integrity and respect in all dealings.

    We offer innovative solutions to save you time and money. Our alternative energy solutions, including Solar Photovoltaic systems, Solar Thermal water heating, and energy efficient doors and windows, have been proven to provide eco-friendly solutions for our clients.

    RJ Construction has also been remodeling and enhancing homes, businesses, and properties all over eastern Iowa. Whether you are looking for new roofing, siding, or remodeling services, we can provide the solution. Your perfect home shouldn’t be a dream, but instead a reality.

    Solar Panel Cost Cedar Rapids

    What Factors Affect Solar Panel Cost?

    Even with tax breaks and other types of rebates, many people have a hard time investing in solar power. That’s because they think the cost is just too high to tolerate. Thankfully, your solar panel cost in Cedar Rapids, Iowa doesn’t have to be outrageous. That’s because you can work with us at RJ Construction to make sure that you don’t pay too much for your panels. You can also work to ensure that your house is fitted with the best panel types to ensure that you don’t run into complications that make your house’s energy less efficient.

    The Demand of a Home

    Not every home has the same level of electrical demand. For example, some people live alone and have only a handful of devices that don’t need much electricity. Others, by contrast, live in a large and sprawling home filled with people. As a result, they may need a lot more energy, particularly if they have teens addicted to electronic devices like phones and computers. Therefore, it is essential to understand how solar panel cost goes up based on electrical output.
    For example, smaller and less productive panels may produce only a handful of kilowatt-hours compared to larger models. As a result, they are usually less expensive and more comfortable for some people to afford. They typically make a good “secondary” source of electricity for a very electricity-heavy home but can also be an excellent primary or sole source for smaller homes that don’t have a substantial electrical footprint to manage.
    More expensive and larger solar systems help homes that need higher kilowatt-hour demands. Typically, these larger systems use not only more solar panels but larger batteries as well. In this way, you can get the high-quality electrical output that you need to keep your home well-powered. So make sure that you talk to your solar provider and manufacturer to learn more and to engage with them when creating a solar system that works for your house’s needs.

    The Home’s Roof Size

    Another situation that can affect solar panel cost and installation is the size of a room. In most cases, a home’s roof only has so much room on which it can place panels. Limitations include being unable to place near some types of chimneys or on areas that are too steep. Likewise, you cannot put solar systems on roofs that are too shallow because they won’t get enough exposure to the sun. All of these factors can be very difficult to manage properly.
    For example, you may need to invest in higher-output panels if you have a smaller roof to compensate for the lack of room. These panels will cost more than other types and can be harder to maintain as well. And if your roof isn’t the right slope, you may have to pay to get it adjusted or otherwise invest in an alternative for this choice. For example, you may need to install your panels on the ground to achieve the proper tilt for your needs.
    As a result, you need to make sure that you talk to a solar specialist before you purchase any panels. These professionals will take the time to assess the needs of your house and the ways that your roof will impact the price. In many situations, you may be lucky enough to have a room that is exactly right for your needs. Though this may occur, you should also be prepared to pay a little more to adjust your roof or solar system to meet your needs.

    The Types of Panels

    Solar panel cost is also profoundly affected by the type of panel that you want to purchase. Put simply, there is no single panel type but multiple options from which you can pick. Typically, you can choose between three classes – monocrystalline, polycrystalline cells, and thin film. The first two classes are the most commonly utilized for most homes, mainly because they are usually the most cost-effective for homeowners.
    Monocrystalline systems are usually more efficient than poly types but are more expensive and do not do as well in higher temperature climates. By contrast, polycrystalline models are less efficient but also cheaper and perfect for hot areas. They do not work as well in colder temperatures, though, and are usually larger than mono options. As a result, they may not be a good choice for homes with smaller roofs because they may not fit as comfortably.
    Lastly, thin solar films are usually smaller and more efficient than either type but more costly to install and maintain. All of these elements often drive up the price and make them better suited for commercial or industrial situations. That said, they can still be a good choice for a home if you can afford the cost and are willing to pay any maintenance costs necessary for the unique and compelling solar options.

    The Installation

    Lastly, you need to make sure that you consider the installation costs for your solar system. Typically, this includes the labor of the professionals who install your unit. Often, they charge higher prices than some experts because they have a more specialized job. However, labor costs are far from the only thing that needs to be on your mind when installing these panels.
    For example, you need mounting hardware for your panels and everything else related to your solar system. These racks include various types of items that help to point your panels correctly and keep them running smoothly. These also vary depending on the weather prevailing in the area of the installation.
    And you’ll also need a power inverter to convert the DC energy produced by your system into AC power. The latter type is what is used in your home, and the two types should not be mixed because this can produce disastrous results. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that you buy this item, no matter how it affects your solar panel cost.

    You Can Get the Solar Power You Deserve

    As you can see, a solar panel cost in Cedar Rapids, Iowa doesn’t have to be outrageous. As a result, a growing number of people are turning to this power source to keep their home’s electricity running smoothly. And if you are interested in this option for your home or think you know somebody who might be, please contact us at RJ Construction right away. Our experts will work with you to create a high-quality electrical system that will meet your needs and satisfy your electrical requirements, too