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    WE Started as a Marion Construction CompanY IN 1989

    RJ Construction began in 1989 as a locally-owned company in Marion, Iowa. We started by providing top quality construction with unmatched customer service, and we continued to grow, branching out to include solar panel installation and serve 17+ cities. What has always separated us from the competition is our respect and admiration for our clients. Today, our core belief is that in order to have a successful customer-contractor relationship, it is imperative to have integrity and respect in all dealings.

    We offer innovative solutions to save you time and money. Our alternative energy solutions, including Solar Photovoltaic systems, Solar Thermal water heating, and energy efficient doors and windows, have been proven to provide eco-friendly solutions for our clients.

    RJ Construction has also been remodeling and enhancing homes, businesses, and properties all over eastern Iowa. Whether you are looking for new roofing, siding, or remodeling services, we can provide the solution. Your perfect home shouldn’t be a dream, but instead a reality.

    Solar Panels Cedar Rapids

    Why Consider Solar Panels for a Vacation Home?

    Owning a vacation home is a great investment for many people and can be an excellent option for those who like to get away from it all during the summer or winter. However, these homes can be expensive to keep fit with electricity because you don’t use them that often. But getting the very best solar panels near the Cedar Rapids area can help! By contacting us at RJ Construction right away, you can learn more about why these panels are an excellent choice and how to fit them on your vacation house.

    Easy Source of Energy

    When you own a vacation home, you may find it hard to keep it warm or efficient for your electrical needs. This problem is one that can impact a multitude of different homeowners and make it harder to keep a vacation house. For example, it can be hard to justify keeping one of these homes when you have to keep them maintained with electricity during seasons that you don’t use them and end up paying higher energy bills.
    That said, solar panels can help in a variety of ways. First of all, they will help by providing you with an alternative source of energy when you’re at your vacation home. As a result, your electrical bill will be even lower. Just as importantly, they can provide your home with the electricity it needs while you are gone to maintain the house, such as activating the heater to ensure that the pipes and the overall home stay warm and safe.
    Therefore, it isn’t a bad idea to consider these panels on a vacation home. Make sure that you either temporarily deactivate your natural energy source or cancel your service with your provider during the off-season. Often, these companies will agree to a staggering plan if you pay a small fee. Though it may seem silly to pay not to use electricity, the fees will still be lower than paying for power when you don’t need it.

    Provides a Boost in Power

    A vacation home is often a great place to do a large number of things. For example, some people may spend time going fishing, boating, or otherwise having fun. These activities can include watching movies, playing video games, polishing rocks with a machine, and much more. All of these activities require using electricity, and drawing on your regular electrical source can be harder in this situation due to the demands of a vacation.
    Therefore, solar panels may be a good investment. These tools not only help to reduce electrical power but can also be used to provide a surprising array of other benefits. First of all, you can use it to produce heat energy if necessary. As a result, you can warm up your bath water or provide hotter water more quickly than average. This energy boost should help with saunas or other items that you may have at your vacation home.
    Just as importantly, they can provide a boost in electricity that is quite beneficial. You won’t have to worry about blowing as many fuses because you won’t be straining your standard electrical source nearly as much. And you can also power other items off of the grind, such as saws and even some water toys, to ensure that your bills are lower and that everything in your home runs as smoothly as possible for your needs.

    Decreases Maintenance Costs

    One of the toughest things about owning a vacation home is managing maintenance costs. These costs can vary depending on a variety of factors, including how much damage your home experiences when you’re away. Roof destruction, material surface breakage, and much more can all make it very hard to keep a vacation house in great shape and can cost you a lot of money at the same time.
    Thankfully, solar panels can help to decrease a home’s maintenance costs in many ways. For example, they can reduce how much electricity you use to keep a home well-maintained and ensure that you don’t have to use conventional electrical sources. Just as importantly, they can protect the surface of your roof or other areas where they are installed to minimize the damage to these spots while they provide an electrical boost.
    And since these panels are rather sturdy and don’t rely upon that much maintenance themselves, it should be easier for you to find time to keep them in great shape and avoid severe damage that could occur to their structure. Make sure to contact a professional solar maintenance company, though, to ensure that you get regular inspections that keep your panels running correctly and free from any severe issues that could impact their operation.

    Improve a Home’s Technology

    A vacation home is often a small cabin or a relatively simple house that doesn’t have a lot of technology. However, you can buck that trend by using solar power to enhance your homes’ technological level. Doing so has many different benefits that make this process more than worth it for your needs. Understanding why it is critical to keep your home in great shape for years to come is essential.
    For example, adding these panels to the home helps you save money by providing tax breaks and green benefits from local and federal government groups. This extra money can then be used to enhance your house further and make it look more attractive. Later, you can try to sell the home if you want, and you’ll find that the panels make it worth more money.
    As a result, it is critical to consider the benefits of solar panels for your home seriously. As a growing number of people start utilizing these panels, it is easy to justify adding them to a house. And if you can afford to add them to your vacation home and your primary residence, you will ensure that you are satisfied with your home’s level of technology. These advantages are more than worth it for your needs.

    Get the Help That You Need

    As you can see, your vacation home benefits from solar power. The upgrades that it provides will enhance your home and make it a better place to hang out and keeps it in great shape for years to come. So if you’re interested in the best solar panels near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, please contact us today at RJ Construction to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience and will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with your panels and the implementation of solar power in your home.