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    WE Started as a Marion Construction CompanY IN 1989

    RJ Construction began in 1989 as a locally-owned company in Marion, Iowa. We started by providing top quality construction with unmatched customer service, and we continued to grow, branching out to include solar panel installation and serve 17+ cities. What has always separated us from the competition is our respect and admiration for our clients. Today, our core belief is that in order to have a successful customer-contractor relationship, it is imperative to have integrity and respect in all dealings.

    We offer innovative solutions to save you time and money. Our alternative energy solutions, including Solar Photovoltaic systems, Solar Thermal water heating, and energy efficient doors and windows, have been proven to provide eco-friendly solutions for our clients.

    RJ Construction has also been remodeling and enhancing homes, businesses, and properties all over eastern Iowa. Whether you are looking for new roofing, siding, or remodeling services, we can provide the solution. Your perfect home shouldn’t be a dream, but instead a reality.

    Solar Panels for Sale Cedar Rapids

    Elements to Consider When Picking Solar Panels for Sale

    A solar power system is an excellent choice for those who want to go green, but not all systems are made alike and have many differences. As a result, you need to make sure that you take time to research any solar panels for sale in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that you may be considering purchasing. Doing so can ensure that you get the most out of this process and also protect your investment by ensuring you don’t buy a system that you don’t need. Thankfully, we at RJ Construction can help you if needed and ensure that you get the most out of this process for your home’s needs.

    Strong Battery Design

    First of all, it is essential to focus on your battery as much as your panels. That’s because your battery will store a large amount of electricity produced by your panels. You can then tap into it at night, when you can’t use your panels, to ensure that your system remains secure. Some people would argue that the battery is more important than the panels, and while we wouldn’t go that far, we do believe that this factor is critical for your home.
    Typically, you want a battery that is as large as possible for your storage needs. Try to find one with multiple cells and which is easy to store in a place near your home. Usually, a good battery is hidden safely away from weather damage to ensure that it doesn’t end up getting damaged. Other people may place their battery on top of their home, if it is small enough, to save room or to save money if they don’t have the cash to pay for a storage area.
    A good battery is one that should be quite easy to understand. The wires on the battery should be connected smoothly, easy to clean, and have little difficulty with upgrading. Although all the solar panels for sale that you’re going to find will have different batteries, you can seek out those with a durable surface, first, and a reasonable cost. Then, you can sort through your choices in a way that makes sense, such as sorting through price and value.

    Connections With a Good Brand

    Solar panels are produced by a broad range of different companies around the world. This factor often makes it tricky to find a company with whom you may feel comfortable working. As a result, you need to research some brands or manufacturers who have an excellent reputation. Doing so can ensure that you work with a company that has your best needs in mind and who is willing to do what is necessary to ensure your system is easy to understand and fully integrated with your home.
    For example, there are many brands like Sun Edison, Yingli, Sanyo, Sharp, and Canadian Solar that are very respected in the solar community. Try to seek out a reputable company that produces high-quality products to ensure that you get the most out of your money. You also need to make sure that you pay attention to other factors that could influence the cost of your system, such as whether or not it is advertised as a deluxe or upgraded system.
    We work with many different brands and don’t have one that stands out as the best. That said, many people will tell you differently, and if you want the best high-quality solar power system for your needs, you should make sure that you work with a manufacturer who you can trust. The best solar panels for sale near you will often vary, as well, depending on your experience, the location of your home, and other factors that are hard to predict.

    Low-Maintenance Design

    When you’re looking for solar panels for sale near you, it is essential to take the time to ensure that they have a low-maintenance design. Now, solar panels are designed to require tiny repair or upgrades, anyway, which should help to make them easier to own. However, there are some models designed to require even less maintenance, which makes them an excellent choice for many. Try to seek these out to ensure that you get the best deal.
    For example, some panels come with an extra durable surface that keeps them from getting damaged as quickly as other types. Just as importantly, some solar systems also have covers for the battery and different types of protective items. Talk to solar specialists near you to learn more about your options here. Typically, there are usually many optional items that you can purchase to make your system require even less maintenance and upgrades.
    And don’t forget to find wires that are adequately coated and store them in ways that minimize their exposure to the elements. For example, you may want to buy a cover to put over some wires to prevent sparks, shorts, and other types of wear-and-tear damage. This process may also require you to perform some occasional repairs on your system, though this situation usually varies depending on your needs and the weather in your area.

    Quiet Operational Volume

    Lastly, you should make sure that any solar panels for sale near you are as smooth as possible. Typically, the panels themselves are going to be silent – they sit on a roof like black monoliths and absorb electricity. Though this can make them seem eerie to some, this quiet operation helps to decrease the risk of noise pollution that other types of energy sources may create near your home. For example, even windmills produce a steady sound that may be annoying to some.
    However, you may find that the battery hums slightly when in operation, which is very reasonable. Some cells may have a sound-dampening design that helps to decrease this noise level further. Typically, though, your system should be almost entirely silent while it operates. If you do hear excessive noise, you should talk to a professional right away because there may be a problem that could impact the operation of your unit and its overall efficiency.
    For example, the battery could be about to fail due to a variety of issues. Addressing these right away can keep them from spiraling out of control and save you good money. Just as importantly, a buzzing sound near panels could indicate shorts and frays in wires that could be dangerous to your home. Therefore, you should probably still contact a professional to do a once-over on your solar system at least every year. Doing so will further decrease maintenance costs and protect your investments.

    Solar Power is a Great Choice

    As you can see, the best solar panels for sale in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are more than worth your investment. Paying good money to get high-quality solar power will ensure that you are protected from blackouts and also helps to decrease your electricity bills. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at RJ Construction if you are interested in these panels. We will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied and give you the solar power that you deserve for your home at the same time.