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Design experts agree that the first priority in any home update is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where the family gathers to cook, work, eat, play games, and talk. Your kitchen should be warm, inviting, and functional. However, if you are like most people and work within a strict budget, you may not be able to remodel the kitchen completely. Here are three areas to prioritize when you can’t do it all.


The first thing to upgrade in the kitchen is the appliances. Modern appliances are more attractive and more energy-efficient. Many modern appliances also feature innovative technology, making your work easier and your kitchen safer. Whether you are updating your kitchen for your own enjoyment or to get ready to sell, your dated appliances should be the first thing to go. Consider replacing them with smart appliances that are also eco-friendly.

The Cabinets

Dated cabinets can be a real turnoff when it comes to selling your home. They also tend to be smaller and less functional than newer designs. You can transform your entire kitchen simply by redoing your cabinets. It shouldn’t cost a lot to update your kitchen cabinets. Because new cabinets are so affordable and make such a huge impact, they are the perfect option when you are working on a budget. Find ways to incorporate more storage space into each cabinet, such as installing lazy-susans, including pull-out shelving, and adding plenty of drawers as well. Finally, consider taking this opportunity to install new countertops. Quartz and granite are popular options.

The Flooring

Few things can brighten a home like new flooring. Many older homes still sport outdated tile or laminate flooring. You can turn your kitchen around by installing a new floor. When you consider your flooring material, take both your family’s needs and esthetic preferences into account. Think about the traffic volume of your kitchen and assess your family’s typical level of messiness. Many styles of hardwood and tile floors remain hugely popular and both are durable. Cork is a modern, comfortable, eco-friendly flooring material that is trending right now. Be sure to match your flooring with the cabinetry, and do it last if you will be taking care of additional updates. 

You have made the wise choice to update your kitchen. Now, be sure to make it count. If you can only pick a couple of areas to renovate, it is hard to go wrong with new appliances, updated cabinets, and a modern floor.

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