RJ Construction / How to Enhance Your Curb Appeal Through Renovations

Enhancing your curb appeal is very important if you are looking to sell your property. This is because people will drive past your property, see the listing, and have very quick first impressions. Potential buyers often won’t bother stopping to look inside if your property is not appealing from the outside.

Replace Your Roof

A roof is like what a frame is to a piece of art. A sagging, worn, or weathered roof can detract attention from a property no matter how beautiful and updated it is. On the other hand, an updated and clean roof will allow prospective buyers to focus more on the actual building and even add to the overall beauty of the property. Additionally, replacing your roof can make your house look significantly different without major renovations to the rest of the structure. Consider unique roof designs such as a sawtooth or pyramid roof when renovating to make your property stand out from the neighboring houses and add to its appeal.

Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door has a big impact on your curb appeal. This is because it is on full display at the front of your house. Garage doors are constantly exposed to wind, rain, dust, dirt, and other natural elements that cause major wear and tear. Dirt and grime can often build up in crevices and folds of garage doors. This buildup can cause noticeable discoloration or texture on your garage door that can be unappealing to potential buyers. Garage doors are generally pretty inexpensive to replace and can make a big difference in the appearance of your house.

Repaint the Exterior

Like the garage door, the exterior of your house is also exposed to natural elements. In addition to dulling due to the weather, older paint loses its lacquer and vibrancy over time. Even a newly remodeled home can still look old if it still has old paint. An average-sized house typically only takes three to four days to repaint, meaning that repainting is a very quick and easy way to increase curb appeal.

When brainstorming how to increase the appeal of a property, you probably think first of fixing up or styling the inside. You should not, however, neglect the outside of your property. Making minor renovations and replacements to the exterior sections of a home can greatly increase its curb appeal.

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