RJ Construction / How to Create Social Spaces on Your Property

If you love entertaining, you want to make sure that your home has good spaces for spending time with visitors. But figuring out where to put those spaces and how to use them can be difficult, especially when you first move in or when you are looking to change up the way you use your home. When you find the right areas for creating a more social atmosphere in your home, you can start making entertainment a bigger part of your life.

Build a Deck

One of the first ways to add social spaces to your property is to build a deck that you can use to extend your entertaining space out of doors. Doing this gives you extra room for guests and a way to make your yard more useful for you and the people you share your home with. A good deck creates space for gathering and sitting while also helping to protect you from the sun. Making sure that you have great seating and shade should be your first priority when building a deck. Then you can think about additional features to make it even more fun.

Add a Porch

If you want to entertain chance visitors, adding a porch to the front of your house can greatly increase the room you have for social gatherings that are more in the moment. Your front porch is an inviting place for passers-by to come visit. And it is a great place for you to hang out on nice days and see the people of your neighborhood while enjoying a great view. Adding some plants to your front porch can help you improve curb appeal. Your porch can be as big or as small as you would like, and nice features like a swing can make the space even more useful.

Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen can also be a great space for social gatherings, so you might as well make sure it is up to the job. A large island with stools is a good starting point for making your kitchen more usable and social. And if you have an open floor plan, you can make the whole area including your kitchen, living room, and dining room into a large social space for you, your family, and your friends.

Adding social spaces to your house can do you a lot of good and make your home more welcoming. When you make room for entertaining, you can get even more enjoyment out of your property. And that gives you room for hosting parties, hanging out with guests, and simply having more fun at your house!

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